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Dame’s Rocket

dame's rocket flower invasiveHesperis matrinolis

Dame’s Rocket is about everywhere, along the edge of the woods and roads especially, but it is not native to Wisconsin. Some may mistake this four-petal flower for Phlox, but the latter has five petals of a different shape than Dame’s Rocket’s. According to conditions, some flowers may be white.

Appears spring, summer

Highly invasive



Dame's Rocket (highly invasive)

Wild Blue Phlox

wild-blue-phloxPhlox divaricata

Depending on the soil, the light, or your camera’s sensor, Phlox may look blue or purple. Some may confuse it with the invasive and abundant Dame’s Rocket, but this one has five petals shaped almost like a narrow spade to the flower’s center.

Appears: spring, summer

Native to Wisconsin

Dwarf Lake Iris

Dwarf Lake Iris (Iris lacustris)Appears: Spring

Native to Wisconsin

Found in sandy soil over limestone bedrock with decent sunlight. It is an endangered plant and only grows in the Great Lakes region, and that even sparingly. One reliable place to see a Dwarf Lake Iris in Wisconsin is at The Ridges Sanctuary in Door County in Baileys Harbor. The tiny flower is about 1.5 inches in diameter and it skirts the line between purple and blue.

Creeping Bellwort

This flower is said to be blue, but I see purple when I look at it.

Purple Prairie Clover

New England Aster

Wild Geranium

Appears: Spring

Native to Wisconsin

Found in woods and meadows throughout Wisconsin